Best 3D Animation Software 2017

Top 5 Best 3D Animation Software Review: So, you want to make your own animated movie via software. An animated movie running on your own characters and on your own voice. Doing this, sounds great and amazing, right? Undoubtedly, doing this is fun and you can even pursue the career in animation.

There are ample of animation software available on the internet, which are available for free download. The software provides you different tools such as 3D animation tool, exporting tools in different formats, image animation tools and many others.  There is a large number of animation software available on Internet that you can download for free and can create your own animated movies and pictures. The animated software provides tools like 3D animation tool, exporting tools in different formats, image animation tools and many more.

Best Software for 3D Animation

  1. Maxon 3D Animation Software
  2. Autodesk Software for 3D Animation
  3. SideFX Free 3D Animation Software
  4. The Foundry 3D Software for Animation
  5. NewTek Best Animation Software 3D

Best 3D Animation Software 2017

Also, if you are thinking of buying an advanced quality 3D modelling software, it makes a huge investment for you. Although, several animation software packages possess basic modelling and animation tools, but they differ in specialised and specific tools set. Of course, switching from one to another will be arduous enough, so choosing one with utmost care and research is very important.   

Below are some of the best 3D animation software you can count upon:

#1 Maxon

maxon best free 3d animation software

Not only Maxon’s animation software with 3D is quite approachable, it is also known as Cinema 4D. The best part is, that it’s specifications are extremely easy to grab but it also serves the purpose of professional usage. The toolset is amazing and the graphic designers can pretty much relate to it.

Although, the software has four distinct varieties, Prime, Visualize, Broadcast and Studio, but for beginners, Prime is a decent option to start with. It lack in some crucial features like cloth, soft body, spline dynamics. But, when you get pro with the basic, you can always upgrade to a better one.

Hence, concluding this, we would say, Maxon is very fitting for the old users, but it equally appeals the starters. It appears best because it is something very powerful and yet quite approachable.

#2 Autodesk

autodesk best 3d animation software for game

Autodesk 3D animation software brings you a different approach by helping you create scenery, characters and animations, which are used for games and movies. The X-factor of this software is its approach towards customized workflow. It comes embedded with features like creation of lifelike characters, which gives it the tag of one of the best 3D animation software.

It has options like Maya and 3ds Max. Among them, Maya provides you great and consolidated texturing options and features. It gives you ultimate materials to allow a sense of realism in your work. The option is too ideal for giving birth to images with cartoon looks. It will help a great deal to manga artists.

Autodesk comes with a great deal of features, for solving your purpose for colouring, animating and modeling. The software makes an excellent choice for creation of movie content. Apart from this, it will equally assist you in broadcasting television and creating games. Not only iyts inherent features, but you can always look for more capabilities in it by installing plugins. Although, the application will ask for your great involvement in learning its features and capacities, but in the end, it will worth you time investment.

#3 SideFX

sidefx top 5 3d animation software for mac

SideFX 3D animation software pack is known for its resilience and good-quality graphics. One of them is Houdini, which is quite good with texturing, modeling, rigging and animating 3D. The software is quite often used for cinematic projects on a large scale. It take help from multiple apps.

Also, the software runs on a quite capable engine called Mantra, which is responsible for photorealistic renditions and also provides support of ray tracing.

The support line for SideFX is pretty supportive and approachable. Apart from this, the company also offers tutorials on the website. If you wish to contact SideFX directly, you can do so with the help of email. The resources like this, helps a quite while learning for the software.

SideFX 3D animation software offers little bit of each thing. Not only, has it had industry-strength modelling but also rendering and animation abilities. Also, the interface is quite intriguing.

#4 The Foundry

the foundry 3d software for animation

The Foundry specialises in professional quality 3D animation software accompanied with the features like sculpting, modelling, painting and 3D models. It offers a software called, Modo, which believes in unique design trend. It helps in diminishing the number of required tools. So, this concludes that the pipeline for tools lets you use a much smaller and economical toolset. It lands you higher control on tool customization.

The software owns an irreplaceable quality of memory economy. Even a weaker device will not stop its smooth running. This may be because of its minimum quality of tools usage. At times, the shortened toolset may seem a disadvantage, but its not necessarily totally unavoidable.

The software serves a great purpose for designers and artists. This is one of those best 3D animation software, which blurs the fine line between computer-made pictures and real-life photo shoots.

#5 NewTek

newtek best animation software 3d

Now, here comes a software from NewTek which is an irreplaceable option for large studios, who prefer using renowned 3D animation software. The software offered by NewTek is named LightWave.

The software owns the expertise in producing a near to real-time experience, because of which you will be able to sense, how your real creation will appear like.

NewTek’s 3D animation software holds its popularity in providing content to the some very known television programs. Also, it is quite capable with developing quick content and also the integration with other programs. Although, the software is not very helpful in character animation, but it can give you some awesome visual effects with the help of its particle engine.

Top 5 Free 3D Animation Software

Above we discussed some best 3D animation software 2017 for games, PC, Computer, android phones not only for beginners but also for professionals, which are irreplaceable in terms of quality and features. If you are a regular user of any one of them or happen to try any one of these top 5 free 3D animation Software, mention your experience below in the comment box. User reviews are most sought after!