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Best five audio recording software 2016: – As music is gaining the popularity all over the world along with the moderation and alterations. It also takes place hand in hand to improvise the quality and wants to save the voice; we need the best voice recording software to insert the textures for a better listening experience. In today’s world recording audio became the most important part life. Starting from capturing videos, recording post-casts to the digitisation of music using the musical instruments. To record or edit audio from your handy has become vital aspect. Below we have mentioned the best audio recording software.

List of top 5 audio recording software

Best Voice Recording Software

best voice recording software
                             Best Voice Recording Software

To record the audio, a unique type of technology is used called Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) while the internet has a vast number of choices over this software. But people are always dependent on reliable application and advance functionality to do the work hassle free. With this article, we will let you know whether which software is perfect for both basic and advanced usage scenarios To simplify the searching for this software we have come up with this article of best recording software in which we will facilitate you with the list of the top 5 recording software.

#1 Audacity

best audio recording software

Audacity is certainly one of the best and well-renowned editing software of all the times.  Not only because of its advanced features and designs but because of its various filters and post processing effects to the audio files which ropes multi track mixing with granular audio spectrum with his software you can also convert source files or tapes to the digital recordings. It is also the best voice recording software for PC. Unlike all the other software Audacity is not free for a limited time. But you can use it for a lifetime after downloading.

#2 Presonus Studio One Free

best voice recording software for pc
                    Presonus Studio One Free

Presonus is another feature audio editing software which comes with a variety of version but for beginners Presonus studio one free is an excellent choice for the best voice recording and editing software. It comes with both Windows and iOS platforms. It can import or export MP3 files or integrate and third-party synthesizers as it came with the most experienced DAW so overall is an effective choice to make. Studio One Free is the best voice recording studio software.

#3 Wavosaur

best voice recording and editing software

Wavosaur is perfectly a simple audio editing software unlike other it does not have advanced features but it has managed to be in top 5 because of easy to handle interface and small size. Wavosaur also offers a support to wide range of audio formats and has recording functionalities like real-time audio processing. So it is a straightforward and sweet choice to make.

#4 Zynewave Podium Free

best voice over recording software
                      Zynewave Podium Free

Zynewave Podium is another rich featured multi functional software. It has a 64 bit DAW sound engine with multi-capabilities. It also offers a well-customised interface with MIDI capabilities so overall a cool choice to make. It is the best free voice recording software.

#5 Virtual DJ free

best voice audio recording software
                             Virtual DJ free

Virtual DJ free is another great featured software which enables you to customise two audios at the same time with its best voice over recording software. Two decks to load tracks onto. It also supports a large variety of audio formats, so it is a smart choice to have this software.

Top Audio Recording Software

So these are top 5 audio recording software which will help you in choosing the best one of your preference. Hope you liked the article of best voice recording software. Thanks for reading. If you find that we missed something of your choice, then please do mention it in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more amazing updates.