latest android version 7.0 nougat new features

Android, the fastest growing operating system, has come a long way from what it was during its initial days. The Android Marshmallow was the best version of the OS that helped it looked the most complete it has ever been. The latest Android version that has come out after the Android Marshmallow is the Android 7.0 Nougat, which looks more of like an extension of the already available Android 5.x but a very worthy and important extension.

The latest version of Android, Google’s mobile operating system, Android Nougat made its debut on the latest LG smartphones LG V20. After which the updates have gradually rolled out to the older Nexus devices and even later to other non-Nexus smartphones. The LGV20 became the first smartphone to be running the latest Android version 7.0 Nougat.

Latest Android Version 7.0 Nougat Features

latest android version 7.0 nougat new features
Latest Android Version 7.0 Nougat

#1 Instant Apps

Instant apps, it is the biggest addition to the latest Android operating system. It is the rival to the Apple’s on-device app, and that was introduced earlier. This new feature allows Android user to use an app within the Google Play Store itself immediately. There is no need for purchasing or even the downloading.

By enabling this feature, you can examine the app before installing on your device. The search giant puts a big move by considering this feature.  

#2 Background System Updates

It is the complete new addition in the latest Android 7.0 version. For the first time when Google made this feature in its OS. In the latest iteration, the updates will happen only in the background as like the Google’s Chrome OS.

The system will automatically start downloading Over the Air (OTA) updates in the background over the Wi-Fi and install them as a separate system image on your device’s storage. And for the next time, it will boot to the newly updated image.

#3 Multi-Window Support

Today in this tech world, everyone wants to do everything at the same instance. If we talk about the operating system, when we are working on it, we want to browse, chatting, music all the things simultaneously. Samsung had already introduced this multi-tasking window function to its users. This feature is already blessed the Windows user since 2012, while on iOS platform it came in 2015. Thanks to Google, finally it introduced the multi-window support feature to the masses to take advantage.

Effectively, the latest Nougat OS splits the screen into the desired parts you want to perform an action. And each part is randomly working on the different process. For example, if you split your screen, your current apps are settled side by side.

#4 Power Saving Features

The power saving feature to which the Google named as Doze Mode. Initially, this mode was introduced in the last iteration of Android Marshmallow operating system. Really,  the Doze-Mode was not working properly in the Marshmallow. But for the Android Nougat, the original Doze mode placed the handset in the dormant state, when it wasn’t being used. The main quality of this power saving feature is that it works even when the smartphone is in motion or at the time when the display is off.

#5 Virtual Reality

The Google has introduced its new project on the latest OS named as Daydream project. The search giant took this step by targeting the various companies which are working separately on the virtual reality platforms and likely be incompatible with the numerous devices. The company has developed the Daydream hardware and software platforms for the virtual reality world.

By having this project, the Google’s main vendor like Samsung and LG don’t have to build their VR platform or no need to bring any partnership with third parties for this.