Top 10 iPhone Apps: Out of more than a million apps on the Apple iPhone App Store, choosing the top 10 iPhone Apps is a herculean task, actually compiling a universal list of the 10 best iPhone Apps is clearly impossible as the most useful app to one can be an app of no significant use to another. Here I try to compile a list of the iPhone Apps that I feel might most competently be able to of use to you.

Based on my experience with these apps, I have here listed 10 must-have iPhone Apps and would recommend you to download them now.


List of Top 10 iPhone Apps

  • Whatsapp

Apple has done a commendable job top provide its iPhone users an amazing texting over internet feature, but considering the fact that around 79% of the Smartphone users are using an Android device, WhatsApp Messenger must be on your list of the must have iPhone Apps.


This was the first App I installed on my previous iPhone 5S. The WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform messenger, which uses the 3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi internet network to transact various messages (text, pictures, audio, video). It has also now included the feature of WhatsApp calling.

  • Swiftkey

Are you bored of using the same Apple Keyboard, then you need to try the Switkey Keyboard, it is the best Keyboard app. In addition, if you are running the iOS 8 or above, then SwiftKey is an absolute must-have.


It is a clear step-up from the basic iOS keyboard and on top of that, it is available free for download. There is not any reason to not try it.

  • EasilyDo

On the App Store, EasilyDo gives its description as ‘the smartest personal assistant app on the App Store’ and having used it for some time now, I feel that they are not completely lying.


They have managed to mix up together lots of personal assistant apps into one app. You do not have to install different apps for different tasks, EasilyDo App brings everything under the same roof and manages to make the day easy and efficient.

  • Spotify

The Spotify App allows you to listen to your favorite music of your favorite artists and albums, you can also create your own playlist.


Spotify offers a new, clean design and added to its basic function, provides other features like videos, podcasts etc. You can find amazing music for any mood of yours.

  • Evernote

The Evernote is a free app that synchronizes all of your notes, like text notes, photos and voice memos and then makes them highly searchable.


The description of the app does not sound very much exciting but once you figure how the App is useful to you, you will not look for replacements

  • Gmail

The Gmail App is undoubtedly the best mail App across all platforms. The Gmail app for iOS searches through your entire email database in an extremely easier and faster way compared to the pre-installed Mail app.


It is a must have iPhone App and among the best iOS App. The App is very smooth and performs fast and supports multiple accounts.

  • Google Maps

The Google Maps is one of the most used apps on my iPhone. It can also qualify as the best free Map App for iPhone. The Google Map allows the function to look up addresses and then get turn-by-turn direction guide that too in real time.


It also provides suggestions based on traffic. It is among the top 10 iPhone Apps and needs to be installed in every iPhone device.

  • Mint

Mint App has significantly helped me to manage my money. You just have to securely link your account to Mint and then you can track all of your expenditures and keep a track of the account balances.


There are a lot of features that this app offers and you will have to use the App to understand why this app sands here in this list of the best iPhone Apps.

  • LastPass

LastPass has come, as a lifesaver for me as remembering all the passwords of the many online accounts I have a task that I totally hate.


However, LastPass has simplified my online life, it remembers all my passwords and it also generates tough and secure passwords for all my logins.

  • Around Me

With the Around Me App you can figure out you real-time location and then the app provides you lists of local stuff like ATMs, bars, petrol pumps and of course Apple Retail Stores.


10 Best iPhone Apps:

These were our favorite top 10 iPhone Apps and the 10 best Android Apps in 2015, you need to check them all out and then let me know the experience with them in the comments sections below.