Top 10 Windows App: Windows has failed to match the Android as well as the iPhone in terms of market shares, but there are yet loyal fan bases that the Windows Phone have. The Windows phones had initially lacked in the number of apps that were available or the “app gap” as it was termed. Nevertheless, the situations are changing now, with more and more popular apps making their way to the Windows platform and there are more and nicer top 10 Windows Apps that are releasing every week and month.

Therefore, we today have compiled a list of the top 10 Windows Phone App for you. If you have recently got a new Lumia or any other Windows phone, then these are the must have Windows App that you need to download to your Windows phone right now.


Let’s look at Top 10 Windows App:

  • Facebook

If you are reading this, then there is a huge probability that you must be having a Facebook account, staying in contact with friends and family was never this easy. And with the Facebook App on Windows mobile you can do that right from your smartphone.


You can check what your friends are up to, let them know what you are up to, share statuses, photos, videos and chat with them too.

  • Whatsapp

Whatsapp has made life easier for a majority of the people. Now you don’t have to pay the monthly rentals for the boring message packs. Sharing photos, videos, contacts etc was never easier.


The main features for which WhatsApp has enjoyed such huge popularity include easy setup, syncs automatically with phone’s contacts and it is AD-FREE. Now you can even make WhatsApp calls to your friends and family, which is a welcome inclusion.

  • Microsoft Remote Desktop

The Microsoft Remote Desktop app allows you to refer back to your PC when you are away and want to check anything on your PC. This app allows you to find files or access the documents that are stored in the PC at your home or your office.


You can do all these right from your Windows device, with this app you can stream audio and videos, read and edit documents.

  • OneDrive

The OneDrive, which was previously known as the Sky Drive is Microsoft’s own cloud storage service. It’s a great tool and the service is solid.


You can store your files on the One Drive and it can be accessed from your Windows PC or any other device easily. The feature of selective sync on the desktop is nice and the browsing experience is clean and simple

  • Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking app and now available on Windows Phones. With this you can remember everything in a simple way, from lifelong memories and all other daily works, to-do lists, reminders and information.


Evernote, which is now in the 5th version, now becomes the best version of the Evernote seen by the Windows users. It now features a new design and updated features.

  • Poki for Pocket

With the Read-it-later app Pocket not yet coming to the Windows phones, Poki is the best Pocket library you can get on the Windows App Store and it does not disappoint.


With this app, you can save articles, videos and all other web contents so that they can be checked later offline. One of the best features are that it syncs automatically with your Pocket account.

  • InstaNote

Not taking during meetings is not a very smooth task, you fail to take high quality notes and slow down the meeting. The InstaNote app can solve this problem, this app helps you take important notes during meeting with as easily as a simple touch.


With the InstaNote, once you hear anything important, InstaNote with the help of a simple touch allows you to capture the last 30 seconds (that is configurable) of audio and later you can transcribe it.



With Spotify App, the Windows mobile users can search and stream songs from large library that includes millions of songs. You can also share your favorite tracks and your playlists with other users. You can even check out what others are listening to.

  • VLC for Windows Phone


VLC, which has been the primary video player on the computer of most, has finally arrived on Windows Phone. It offers its user’s free, easy usage, multimedia player that is capable of playing almost any format.

  • The Weather Channel


This is probably the best weather forecasting app on Windows. It shows the best radar maps, weather news and local forecast. With The Weather Channel app and the live tiles on Windows mobile, you get the best forecast experience.

Best 10 Windows Phone App:

These are our favorite top 10 Windows Phone App. If there is any app in this list which is missing from your Windows mobile then you need to download it soon and do share you experience and reviews with us.