Best Upcoming Smartwatches 2017, Top 5 Upcoming Smart Watch 2017

Best Upcoming Smartwatches 2017: After Smartphones, Smartwatches are becoming more popular these days. Most of the smartphone manufacturers are excited to launch their smartwatch due to increasing demand in Market. On other side, some smartphone companies have already launched their smart watches and now looking to upgrade them. We must say that Smartwatches are going to be most popular gadgets in future. So that is why here we are with list of some best upcoming smartwatches 2017. So please have a look on smartwatches to look forward in 2017 below.

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Upcoming Smartwatches 2017, Top 5 Best Upcoming Smart Watches 2017

  1. HTC Halfbeak:

Best Upcoming Smart Watch 2017

Believe us, HTC Halfbeak is a best upcoming smartwatch 2017. As per leaked images of this smart watch we can say that it will come in round shaped. If we talk about display then we want to tell you that it will come with a OLED screen with 360 x 360 pixels resolutions.  It is still not revealed that it will come with a protection on screen or not but we are sure that it will come with a gorilla glass protection.

On the rear side Halfbreak has an Armor and HTC logo which indicates that HTC worked together with a brand to make this smartwatch. There is also a heartbeat sensor at the back of smartwatch. The watch is in development and will be launched soon.

  1. OnePlus Smartwatch:

Upcoming Smart Watches 2017

However, OnePlus has denied about the launching of OnePlus smartwatch but we are still expecting that the company will change its decision. The market situations doesn’t stop for anyone, it keep changes as per technology, demand and conditions. We never believed that we will get a 4GB RAM smartphone under 10K.

At a time Nokia was the biggest mobile phone company but it didn’t follow the trend and came down.  So that is the reason we are sure that OnePlus will come with a smartwatch. Companies like Samsung, Apple, Motorolla, Google, Sony and HTC are launching their gadgets in 2017. So OnePlus may also launch a smartwatch soon.

  1. Google Smartwatch:

Google Smartwatch

As per rumors Angelfish and Swordfish are two best upcoming smartwatches 2017 from Google. Both the watches will be launched in 2017 but the launch date has not been revealed yet. Let’s talk about both Angelfish and Swordfish watches.

  • Angelfish:

The Google smartwatch Angelfish will come in two variants that are 42mm and 46mm sizes. The watch will come with GPS and LTE connectivity that makes it one of the best upcoming smart watches 2017. The watch will also have a heart rate monitor that will helps you to check heart rate. This Google watch may come with Android Wear 2.0 OS.

  • Swordfish:

Google Swordfish will come with less bezel circular display as compare to Angelfish. The watch will have a single button, the working of this button is not clear yet. The gadget may not has LTE and GPS like Angelfish. It may release with Android Wear 2.0. After knowing Swordfish Specifications, we may say that the price of this watch will be much less than Angelfish.

  1. Motorola Moto 360 3:

Upcoming Smartwatches 2017

The upcoming smartwatch in 2017 Motorola Moto 360 3 will be a successor of its 2nd Gen edition. Moto owned by Lenovo and it launched some best smartwatches in market. This time we are expecting some unique design from Motorola Moto 360 3. The watch will be waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about it. This is one of the reasons that we are considering it as a best upcoming smart watch 2017. The watch will come with bezel less design. Motorola Moto 360 3 will be packed with LTE connectivity, GPS and front camera.

  1. Sony SmartWatch 4:

Sony SmartWatch 4

Sony SmartWatch 3 earned a huge success, so now the company is going to launch Sony SmartWatch 4. We are sure that the watch is going to be one of the best upcoming smartwatches 2017. Sony SmartWatch 4 launch date is not clear yet but as per rumors it will come in market in September 2017. The smartwatch may arrive with more accurate GPS. The watch will also have a Android Pay Option that will enable you to pay anywhere through your watch. The watch will have a built in speaker and more sensors. Sony SmartWatch 4 will have a fast charging option too.

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Best Smart Watches 2017  

Friends here we have updated a list of 5 best upcoming smartwatches 2017 to make you aware about them. If you know any other best upcoming smartwatch 2017, please share it with us. We will update it here after research. If you have any query regarding upcoming smart watches 2017, ask us. We would love to help you in this matter. Stay connected for information of latest gadgets.