Top Best vr apps for iphone

Best iPhone VR Apps: If You have got a new VR headset and now want to fill your phone up with some of the best VR Apps out there then we have got your back here.  There are plenty of VR Apps available for Android phones but now iPhone too have many apps. We have here come up with our list of the best VR apps for iPhone as well as the top iPhone virtual reality Apps. 

Android smartphone users have large number of options to choose from but iPhone is catching up too. With new VR apps being added to App Store everyday. Well, this is not a top 5 or top 10 article, We have included all the VR apps that we have used and the ones we want you guys to try out. We will also update this post with more worth trying Virtual Reality Apps for IOS in the future.

Top Best VR Apps for iPhone

  1. Free Download Discovery VR App
  2. Free Download VRSE App
  3. Free Download Youtube App
  4. Free Download Insidious VR and Sisters App
  5. Free Download Roller Coaster VR App
  6. Free Download Google Street View App

Read below to find the best VR and Google Cardboard apps, which informative ones, entertainment and VR games.    

Best VR Apps for iPhone, Top 6 iPhone VR Apps

Top Best vr apps for iphone
Top Best VR Apps for iPhone


  • Discovery VR
Best VR Apps for iPhone
Discovery VR iPhone app

The Discovery VR iPhone app by the famous TV company takes the user into the various locations from its different shows like Puppy Bowl, Let’s Go Places, MythBusters, Wildlife, and other programs. The Discovery VR’s 360-degree videos can also be viewed on you desktop browsers but a truly immersive experience can only have on the VR headset.

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  • VRSE
best vr apps for iphone 2016
VRSE App for iPhone

The VRSE that we saw above is also available for iPhones. It features a collection of videos within it that can be downloaded and watched on their smartphone using the VR headgear. The collection of videos include short films, music videos, documentaries and comedy. Shows from The New York Times,Saturday Night Live, U2 and more. The videos are interesting, funny, and at times stunning.

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  • Youtube
best vr apps for iphone 6s plus
YouTub – Best VR App for iPhone

YouTube is among the best VR apps for iPhones too. The largest video streaming service has started adding VR-enabled videos in their data base for use with VR headsets or even with your regular device. There are large number of 360-degree VR videos on YouTube now and the database is ever increasing. Overall you, if you are not using your VR headset to watch these virtual reality videos on YouTube, you are missing out on a lot. YouTube is one of the best iPhone VR apps today. 

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  • Insidious VR or Sisters
Top vr apps for iphone in india
Insidious VR or Sisters VR App for iPhone

If horror is among your favorite genres then you will absolutely love these two spooky iPhones VR games – Insidious VR and Sisters.  

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  • Roller Coaster VR
cardboard vr apps for iphone
Roller Coaster VR App for iPhone

This VR app for iPhone takes you on a roller coaster ride amidst a tropical island. It brings forth some beautiful scenery and you can feel the such as the ride moves forward through the jungle.

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  • Google Street View
3d vr apps for iphone
Google Street View App for iPhone

Google Street View combines Google Maps and Google Earth and provides panoramic views from different positions along many streets all over the world. Using this app you can explore various world landmarks, you can discover natural wonders and even step inside different locations like museums, arenas, restaurants, etc with Google Street View VR App. Google Street View is one of the best virtual reality apps for iPhone. 

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Top VR App for iPhone | Virtual Reality Apps for iPhone

These were our favorite best VR apps for iPhone and best VR Apps. You should totally try these apps now and let us know about your experience in the comments section below. For more details of top VR apps for iPhone, you can comment here. We would try to reach you as soon as possible.