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The DayDream View Virtual Reality Headset announced by the Mountain View Giant and it will be launched in November 2016, but the exact date of DayDream View VR Headset has not revealed yet. Earlier, the Google I/O event organized in May showed their interest of making a good perfect affordable VR headset. The Company said that it will be launched with reasonable price. Check DayDream Virtual Reality price, specs, launch details below.

DayDream View VR Headset Announced, But Not Launched

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Google is going to be unveiled it’s new Daydream View Virtual Reality headset along with its new flagship smartphones. It will go to be the first ever daydream VR headset from Google as well as it will use with either of 2 smartphones which will go to be unveiled.

Earlier, the Daydream was announced like a mobile VR platform in the Google I/O developer conference (held in May 2016). This is a Virtual Reality extension of Google’s Android OS for Smartphones. Apart from other smartphones, the Daydream improved mobile phones will directly switch into VR tool while this is inserted into the Daydream headset. Further, the Samsung  Gear VR will work accordingly with selected devices.

You can get Daydream View VR Headset Free With Google Pixel & Pixel XL

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Google also launched Daydream headset and it will be given free with the google pixel and pixel XL smartphone in the US. However, as per the reports, it is not available for India because the google will not be given free daydream headset with google pixel mobile phones in India. This is bad news for Indians.

The Daydream View VR headset will be used the smartphones like display as well as it will not have a touchpad for navigation like VR Headset of Samsung’s mobile. In addition to, the Daydream headset will launch with a controller that will work like a Wi-Fi remote and which will be tracked motion that can be used for tracking the motions as well as also used for navigation.

DayDream VR Headset Price, Launch Date

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The DayDream View VR Headset price likely to be at $79, while the Samsung Gear VR headset priced at $99. The Google Daydream headset will be launched in November 2016. We will update you with more updated if the company will be revealed more details.