How to Delete Apple ID, Ways to Deactivate Apple ID

How to Delete Apple ID: To log in into Apple’s App Store or FaceTime or iMessage, we need an Apple id because that is our username for that. Also, it is brought into use when we want to do some product registration. Now, you want reset or delete your apple id and you have no idea about it.

Unfortunately, there is no way out to completely dispose your Apple id but there is always a good alternate and here it is about deactivating the Apple ID account. This is how, you no longer have to use this id and link it to your devices.

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  • If you try to take an official help by calling on the helpline number, you may face little conflicting answers.
  • If you simply sign into My Apple Portal and change the main email address which is officially linked with your Apple ID, you can probably get rid of it.

How to Delete Apple ID, Ways to Deactivate Apple ID

How to Delete Apple ID, Easy Steps to Delete Apple Account

First you will require to sign out of your iCloud account on Mac. Doing this means your contacts, Calendars, Notes, Reminders, Mails, Photos and Safari will not be synced anymore.

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  • Inside you Mac, choose the Apple icon displayed in the Menu bar and then open System Preferences.
  • Choose iCloud
  • Choose the option of “Sign out.”

After then, you need to sign out from iTunes as well.

  • For that, open iTunes in PC
  • Choose Store in the top menu bar.
  • And then, click on Deauthorize This Computer
  • After that, choose Sign Out option

Steps to deactivate/delete  Apple ID on iPhone:

  • From your iPhone or any other iOS gadget, open Settings and then App & iTunes Stores.
  • Choose your Apple ID
  • And then choose Sign out
  • After that, choose settings>>iCloud and scroll down towards bottom for signing out.

You may be using your Apple ID at different places, so you will have to ensure that you are signed out from all of them, so that your account can be deactivated. These may include, iBooks, Apple Store, Messages, FaceTime, Game Center and other services. Other information like name, contact no, address can also be changed.

Hope this info about How to delete Apple id will solve your ongoing issue and the un-assured answers from Apple support may be putting you into a continuous dilemma. But this was as simple as creating the one. For any of your suggestions regarding remove Apple Id, you may write below in the comment box.