lenovo set to launch moto c and moto x in 2017

Lenovo, the Chinese smartphone manufacturing firm has recently launched the all new Moto M smartphone in China. Soon, in the coming year, we will able to see the new Moto C and Moto X smartphones. As for now, all the Lenovo smartphones are manufactured under the Moto brand. Check out the Moto C and Moto X price, images, specifications and launch details from the below-mentioned details.

Lenovo Moto C and Moto X – Will Launch in 2017 

As we are getting the news from the rumored airy environment. But we all knows that the before the official launching, all the things are in the market in the form of pieces by the leaks and rumors. According to the predictions, the Lenovo C specifications and features was showcased. The Lenovo C series concept mobile phones was displayed at the Lenovo Tech world in June this year. The new Moto C series handset is blendable and might be launched in 2017 itself. The South Korean manufacturing firm, Samsung is also said to be working on a flexible smartphone that wraps around the wrist.

2017 seems to be the very rough year for the Lenovo and its owned Motorola mobiles. Out of all the Moto devices, manufacturing of only Moto Z 2017 smartphones will ultimately handle by the Motorola Mobility, as both Motorola and Lenovo teams will jointly work on Moto G 2017 devices.

Last year, the company was also introduced the Zuk brand. Under this name, the manufacturing firm launched Lenovo Zuk 1 in India. The future of the Zuk series is expected to be secured, but there is nothing to say about the Vibe and K series. Today, we have revamped the upcoming Moto smartphones in 2017. The leaked notes revealed about the bunch of smartphones that will be unveiled in India. There is another series of handset seems to be appeared that is Moto X series.

The smartphones from the series of Lenovo Moto C price is expected to be slightly high as it is the concept series. Both Lenovo Moto C and Moto X series will appear in 2017. We will promise you to update at the instant moment when the company unveiled anything. Till then, stay tuned to DLB Gadget for more details.