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Most Popular Video Games to Play: Video games have been the demand of every school kid since the trend started to rise. Kids went back home eager to put their school bags aside and hop on to their favourite video games. And easy to guess it was not just limited to kids. Even grown up youngsters had their share of addiction and fun towards the trending video games. in this article we have updated top 8 best selling video games of 2017.

Even now they continue to be popular and one of the best past times. It has also turned out to be a profession for some. With so many new games launching every day, we bring to you the most popular video games of literally ever.

Best Upcoming Video Games 2017

Most Popular Video Games of Year, Best Video Game of 2017

  1. Pac- Man


most popular games 2017
Pac- Man

It is one of the most popular video games. Pac- Man is one game that is itself responsible for making video games famous and admired. Though it developed in 1980s, it was every child’s talk and need. The game was responsible to sell countless merchandise, an animated TV show and a song that even topped the charts. I suppose you can easily guess the significance and acceptance of the game back then. Pac- Man made a remarkable footprint in the sands of history. Surprisingly it also generated revenue of $2.5 billion within just a decade of its launch. I was and always will be a classic hit!

  1. Donkey Cong Country
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Donkey Cong Country


Every 90s kid must be aware of the character Donkey Cong. The video game Donkey Cong country made the Donkey Cong even more popular by bringing it back in the game. The character of Donkey King was a cult classic. It was developed in 1994, and the popularity can be guessed by the fact that it sold over 9 million copies worldwide. The hit game was one of the top best sellers of its era. The video game also made history by being the first ever game to incorporate 3D effect in it. The details in the graphics of the game Donkey Cong country were commendable and way too precise and advanced for a 16 bit system. This game thus, turned out to be revolutionary for its time. Donkey Cong Country is one of the most popular games of 2017. 

  1. Need For Speed
best selling games 2017
Need For Speed


If there is one game that speed lovers never missed out was Need for speed. Even today, though the game has evolved much with high end graphics and precisions, its origin lies way back when video games were just making their mark. The first version of the game Need For Speed released in 1994 for gaming console 5, and since then it has been the most successful racing game that we have ever seen. The game is not just famous for its speed but also the car selection, advanced graphics and realistic effects. Adding more to the racing pleasure id the game’s awesome soundtracks. If you want a real time car racing experience then just put on your belts and get hooked to Need For Speed. The game is one of the best selling and most popular video games of this year.

  1. Brain Age
most popular video games 2017
Brain Age


Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day: Not many games were designed back then to give a real test to your memory. Well! Brain Age was definitely one of them and the best of all.  It was a fun based video game that entertained you as well as tested your IQ with tests like Stroop test, mathematics questions and puzzles. Additionally, Sudoku puzzles were also present. The game was well designed by the specialist in neuroscience Dr. Kawashima. The game not only was popular and one of the best sellers but it also received critical acclaim. It was renowned for its quality and innovation aspects. It even received multiple awards in the category.

  1. Sid Meier’s Civilization
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Sid Meier’s Civilization


If a game became popular for its excellent management skills it was the Sid Meier’s civilization. The game became famous for its various management techniques that were required to keep the existence of an empire against the race of time. It required you to struggle through the strategy aspects of your brain and come out with the best. The additional factor in the game was that it was a turn based video game. So you could play with your partner, with both of you left scratching their brains. It was one of the best selling game sand sold over 8 million copies till 2008.

  1. Call of Duty 4


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Call of Duty 4

Modern warfare: It is still easy to find video game lovers going crazy over the game Call of Duty. And why not? With graphics and cinematic like those, interactive game play, and highly polished mechanics anyone would instantly fall for the game. This is the reason behind it being hugely popular. It was the best First Person Shooter (FPS) game of all times. You could easily play the interactive multi player with an amazing level of competition. It was launched by the famous company Activision. It has also received critical acclaims and numerous awards for its obvious reasons. Surprising to note, it is still one of the best sellers in the video game market.

Best Action Games

  1. Street Fighter 2

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The world warrior: If there exists one most popular game for battle combat and extreme fighting skills it happens to be only Street fighter 2- The world warrior. It was improved from the latter version in terms of many things. The six-button configuration was introduced along with command based special moves. The cherry on the cake however, were the other characters that were introduced in the game. Each character had its own fighting skill and you could easily choose to be one out of them. It sold more than sold more than 14 million copies and has been one of the most played and addictive games of all times.

  1. Super Metroid


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Another one of the most popular video games is Super Metroid. It was an amazing addictive action adventure game launched in 1994. The game had a plot which involved an adventurous quest to get back a stolen Metroid from the evil Space pirates. The game received many critical acclaims for its plot and game play. It was even rated as best game of the month in 1994 along with receiving an Editor’s Choice Award as the Best Action Game of 1994. With that level of adventure and action packed in one game, I bet anybody would love to play it.

Best PC Games of 2017

Best Selling Games of 2017

Here we have posted top 8 Most Popular Video Games of 2017 for android mobile phone, PC, iPhone, etc. If you have some suggestion or query regarding best video games of this year then please share with us. You may comment your valuable suggestions below, our team will try to reply you as soon as possible.