Know About Amazon Prime – What do You get with Amazon Prime?

By | January 31, 2017

Amazon Prime has finally come to the India with an option of becoming an Amazon Prime Customer, before you ask, “What is Amazon Prime?” this article would help you the understand the meaning of Amazon Prime. After becoming very successful in US and UK now Amazon has launched this Amazon Prime Service in Indian market against Flipkart First. The Amazon Prime Service in India gives customers a whole new experience of shopping by offering them the faster delivery.

Know About Amazon Prime – What do You get with Amazon Prime?

What is Amazon Prime?

What is Amazon Prime?

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Membership allows the customers a fast delivery of their desired product. But you can’t get each and every item available on amazon, only products having a Prime logo beside them will have this facility. Amazon has launched Amazon Prime in India on a two-month trial basis.

In the Amazon Prime Free Trial Period, buyers can avail free one-day/ two-days delivery on selected items in over 100 cities. The item under this service will appear with a Prime logo on the amazon website and you’ll get your desired product in just one or two days.

What Do You Get With Amazon Prime?

What do You get with Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime gives you free one-day, two-day delivery at no extra costs on amazon items with the Prime Logo. After the trial period of 60-days, you can choose to continue as a prime customer of Amazon or leave.

“We are very excited to bring Amazon Prime to our Indian customers. With Prime, guaranteed one-day delivery becomes an everyday experience instead of an occasional indulgence and it provides unlimited convenience all year long with no minimum purchases” Vice-President & Country Head of Amazon India, Amit Agarwal said in a press meeting.

Amazon Prime Membership Fee

Amazon Prime membership

Amazon Prime Membership

Initially, with a discount of Rs. 500, Amazon Prime Cost your Rs 499 instead of Rs 999 (original price) for the service annually. After the trial period or one-year subscription customer’s won’t be auto charged from their registered account/ Credit card/ Debit card for renewal of service.

The customer gets one-day and two-day delivery for free by becoming an Amazon Prime Customer. For same-day, morning and scheduled delivery, prime customers will have to pay Rs 50. Earlier this price was Rs 100 for one-day delivery.

The Amazon Prime Membership comes with video and music streaming, e-books, free shipping and various other Amazon-specific services but for now, only free and faster shipping is available to Indian customers. Amazon Prime Music, Video Streaming, original TV shows would be available soon in India.

Will Amazon Prime Membership be Successful in India?

Will Amazon Prime Membership be Successful in India?

India’s local e-commerce retailer Flipkart has already offered Flipkart First to its regular and loyal customers in the similar price range and Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is also looking forward to capture Indian market very soon. So it’s a challenge for Amazon to keep its Indian customers in the hand for growth in this region.

Amazon Prime Video and Music will also play an important role in the near future but now, Amazon is focusing heavily on its Amazon Prime Service of Faster Delivery, in India.

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